ohphoneX Manual


  1. Introduction
  2. Hardware/Software Requirements and Installation
  3. Getting Started
  4. H.323 and ohphoneX Preferences
  5. Working with ohphoneX
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Known Bugs
  8. Glossary

Known Bugs

  • In some very rare circumstances, video captured from your local video source will black out and remain black when a call is established. In this case, simply press the Stop button right below the local video view and then press Start again. Please report us if you experience this bug often.

  • After hanging up a call, ohphoneX may hang in the "Terminating call" state for some seconds and the GUI may appear frozen.

  • If you have a LAN without access to a DNS server, ohphoneX seems to do nothing when pressing the "Place Call" button. It appears as if ohphoneX fails to call the remote party. This is NOT the case, however, the call is delayed for quite a long time (30s +)

  • Connecting to a DLink eye2eye may cause the eye2eye to crash under some circumstances. Although ohphoneX seems to be the reason for these crashes, we think that a big bug in this case is the eye2eye to crash at all. Closed hardware solutions shouldn't ship with such bugs and handle offending clients reliable.