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Kudos to the following contributors for help or donations that have made the project better to work on and helped us to overcome various obstacles.

NET - Network for Educational Technology, ETH Zurich
January 2005 - July 2006, major contributions to XMeeting
XMeeting 0.1-0.3.3 release by NET's XMeeting project team. The comprised Hannes Friederich (software engineering), Thomas Rechsteiner (testing, gatekeeper & conferencing setup), Olivier Widmer (testing, website & user manual) and is led by Dr. Thomas Piendl. The NET XMeeting contribution is completely funded by NET, part of the Swiss Federal Institue of Technology Zurich.

SWITCH, Zurich
December 2005 - February 2006, major contributions to XMeeting
SWITCH supports and fosters cross-platform video-conferencing and therefore decided to contribute to the XMeeting project by offering a new user interface.

Mark Fleming
February - June 2006, contributions to XMeeting
Contribution of the Still Image and Screen video input modules.

Marcello Teodori
June 2006 - Providing the Italian localization for 0.3 release

Joël Vimenet
June 2006 - Providing the French localization for 0.3 release

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