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2007-07-03 - XMeeting 0.3.4a released
Fixes problems with Mac OS X 10.4.10 and built-in iSight.

2006-11-21 - XMeeting 0.3.4 released
Many bug fixes and improvements especially for SIP.
New features are added support for silence suppression, software echo cancellation and improved options for recording calls. Please look at the XMeeting section for more information.

2006-10-11 - XMeeting 0.3.3 released
Many bug fixes and improvements both for SIP and H.323. Stability and reliability have been improved as well.
New features are the ability to record calls into QuickTime movies as well as a simple local audio echo test.

2006-09-04 - XMeeting 0.3.2 released
More bug fixes in the SIP stack, STUN improvements and compatibility improvements for video (H.261 / H.263) are part of this release. A new feature is microphone input level metering.

2006-07-31 - XMeeting 0.3.1 released
Some problems with SIP registration and call setup have been fixed.

2006-07-03 - XMeeting 0.3 released
Support for STUN has been added, which will significantly improve NAT traversal. The Address Book integration has been improved. XMeeting now includes French, Italian and German localizations.

2006-05-19 - Release of XMeeting 0.2
This release includes SIP support and many important H.323 improvements. Starting with this release, XMeeting will also run natively on intel macs.

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