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2. Usefulness & Compatibility continued...
  1. Which clients are compatible with ohphoneX?
    Please see the compatibility matrix to see which clients ohphoneX can handle.

  2. Is ohphoneX compatible with NetMeeting on Windows?
    Yes, ohphoneX can videoconference with NetMeeting.

  3. Is ohphoneX compatible with Ekiga on Linux?
    Yes. In fact ohphoneX and Ekiga use the same underlying libraries from the openh323 project.

  4. Can ohphoneX use a Gatekeeper?
    Yes, ohphoneX does support gatekeeper usage.

  5. Can ohphoneX participate in MCU conferences?
    Yes, ohphoneX can participate in MCU conferences.

  6. Which MCUs are compatible with ohphoneX?
    All MCUs that have been tested are listed in the compatibility matrix.
    However, there is a good chance that ohphoneX is compatible with an MCU, even if it is not yet listed in the compatibility matrix.
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