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3. ohphoneX features
  1. Why doesn't ohphoneX ship in languages other than English?
    Maintaining localized versions is a time-consuming task, especially since there may be major changes between releases. In addition, the development team does not know enough languages to localize the software themselves. If however you would like to contribute by localizing the project in your language, please contact us.

  2. What do I have to do to call someone?
    You need to know the other participant's address, be it an IP address or an address which is understood by a gatekeeper (if using a gatekeeper). Enter the address into the corresponding field and click "Place Call". If everything has been set up correctly, the phone will ring at the remote participant's end.

  3. Why should I use a headset?
    Built-in audio speakers may cause echo. ohphoneX does not currently support echo cancellation, so we recommend using a headset to increase audio quality.

  4. I do not have a webcam. Can I just send a still image?
    Yes, just select the appropriate still image under preferences.

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