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Notes for building from source

Before building the application, you need to download the sources for both PWLib and OPAL from the OpenH323 project. It is expected that these source folders are inside the same parent directory as the "xmeeting" folder is. For example, if you have placed the source in /Users/yourname/xmeeting, then the PWLib source should be found at /Users/yourname/pwlib and the OPAL source should be at /Users/yourname/opal.

Open and enter the following commands:
1.) cd /Users/yourusername (or wherever you want the source code to reside)
2.) cvs login

Simply press enter if you're asked for a password.

3.) cvs -z3 checkout ptlib_unix
4.) cvs -z3 checkout -r MediaTypeBranch opal

If you have previously built PWLib and OPAL and want to make a new clean build, please enter the following commands. Otherwise, you can ignore these steps.

5.) cd pwlib
6.) rm include/ptbuildotps.h
7.) cd ../opal
8.) rm include/opal/buildopts.h

Now, you can open the Xcode project file and build

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