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Starting with version 0.3, XMeeting is fully internationalized and ready for localization. Version 0.3 already ships with Italian, French and German localizations. Please contact us if you want to provide a localization for your native language.
Please note that the Italian localization is not 100% complete. Some sentences will still appear in English. We will fix this in future releases.

Release Notes for Version 0.3.4

New Features:

  • Silence Suppression and Software Echo Cancellation.
    Note: The software echo cancellation is not the iSight built-in echo cancellation, and there will be quality differences. Also, the echo cancellation does only help the remote side. If you're hearing echo, the remote party does not have echo cancellation in place.
  • More call recording video options
  • More options for sending DTMF
Fixed bugs:
  • Fixes problems when receiving calls and multiple network interfaces are present
  • Fixes problems with some SIP endpoints / media formats
  • Various other bugfixes
  • Fixes incorrect color rendering in the StillImage video input module

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