ohphoneX Manual


  1. Introduction
  2. Hardware/Software Requirements and Installation
  3. Getting Started
  4. H.323 and ohphoneX Preferences
  5. Working with ohphoneX
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Known Bugs
  8. Glossary

What is ohphoneX?

ohphoneX (pronounced as "oh-fone-ten") is a H.323-compliant client application for video conferencing and IP telephony. It uses the protocol stack developed by the OpenH323 Project. (Latest releases of OpenH323 can be found at Vox Gratia).
ohphoneX is the first application from the XMeeting Project, the goal is to bring standard based video conferencing and IP telephony application to Mac OS X. For more information about ohphoneX and the XMeeting project, please visit our web site at http://xmeeting.sourceforge.net/.

ohphoneX is designed to be an application that does Mac-to-Mac and Mac-to-PC audio/video conferencing, as well as Mac-to-Phone voice only communication. With the development progressing, ohphoneX has become a rich featured H.323 application. However, the supported H.323 functionnality is still very basic due to the chosen way of implementation. This is intended to change in future releases. The XMeeting project also has a project roadmap for the further development of ohphoneX.