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ohphoneX is a H.323-compatible and Open Source video conferencing client for Max OS X (10.3 only). The current version of ohphoneX is 0.4.3. XMeeting is the succesor of ohphoneX and provides a much better videoconferencing experience than ohphoneX does.

There is no active development of ohphoneX at the moment! The main reason ohphoneX still appears here is to support users which do not have Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or later. All development effort is put into improving XMeeting.

More information about H.323 can be found in the videoconferencing section of this webpage.

To download ohphoneX, please go to the downloads section. There, you will also find informations about other available downloads (e.g. source code) and other useful documents to download.

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