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XMeeting is a SIP and H.323 compliant and Open Source videoconferencing client for Mac OS X (10.4 and later). The current version of XMeeting is 0.3.4. Historically, XMeeting has evolved from ohphoneX. However, XMeeting has been rewritten from scratch and uses a totally different software architecture than ohphoneX.
Although not yet being a 1.xx release, XMeeting is quite stable, has good interoperability with other clients and provides many unique features such as the sophisticated Address Book integration. Much effort has been put into the Mac OS X native GUI. We think the result is worth it!

More information about H.323 and SIP can be found in the videoconferencing section of this webpage.

To see a full list of supported features, we refer to the current release notes. Some documentation about the available features can also be found in the techstuff section.

To download the latest version of XMeeting, please go to the downloads section. There, you will also find information about other available downloads (e.g. XMeeting source code) and other useful documents to download.

In case of questions, you may contact us on the appropriate mailing list or use one of the feedback facilities.

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