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Release Notes for ohphoneX 0.4.3

  • Fixes a problem with full screen always appearing
  • Fixes problems with incorrect bandwidth settings when having "no limit" selected.

Known Bugs:

  • In some very rare circumstances, video captured from your local video source will black out and remain black when a call is established. In this case, simply press the Stop button right below the local video view and then press Start again. Please report us if you experience this bug regularly.
  • li>After hanging up a call, ohphoneX may hang in the "Terminating call" state for some seconds and the GUI may appear frozen.
  • If you have a LAN with no access to a DNS server, ohphoneX appears to do nothing when you press the "Place Call" button. It appears as if ohphoneX fails to call the remote party, however this is NOT the case; the call is simply delayed for quite a long time (30s +).

Release Notes for ohphoneX 0.4.2

New Features:

  • Full Screen support
  • Main window may float on top of all other windows
  • Fixed a bug in the Phone Book that caused records no longer to be editable in some circumstances.
  • Better QuickTime cleanup to improve iSight compatibility

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