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3. ohphoneX features continued...
  1. How much bandwidth is required to do video conferencing?
    The G.711 Codec (audio) uses 64 kbit/s. The H.261 Codec (video) uses a multiple of 64 kbit/s. Since ohphoneX currently has no support for fine-grain bandwidth control, H.261 simply uses the available bandwidth up to roughly 640 kbit/s (20fps, CIF). The H.263 Codec (video) uses roughly half the bandwidth of H.261.

    A bandwidth of 384 kbit/s is enough for video conferencing (audio/video). Of course, the more you have, the better.
4. Networking features
  1. How do I determine my IP address?
    ohphoneX determines the correct private and external IP address automatically and displays these if needed. If for some reason ohphoneX fails to determine the correct external IP address, visiting may reveal the correct address.

  2. Which ports are used by ohphoneX?
    You can define which ports ohphoneX should use under preferences. Default ports are 1720 (H.323 call signaling) and 5000-5099 (media streams).
  3. Does ohphoneX work when behind a firewall?
    Yes, though you may need to manually open the ports specified under preferences.
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